$7.97 Plant Flash Sale!

523 perennials and shrubs must sell Saturday only 7/30/22, 9:30am-2pm

WE GOT RAIN IN SOUTH OKC! This Saturday is going to be the BEST time to buy plants outdoors in the forecast. Four hours only THIS SATURDAY July 30, 2022, to make room for new plants getting potted up for fall.

Buzz™ Velvet Butterfly Bush Buddleja 'Tobud0703’ PP#23,462
White Profusion butterfly bush

Buddleia davidii butterfly bush $7.97, white, blue, or pink. Look at those flowers!

Award-winning Buddleia davidii 'White Profusion' quickly grows to human-size. Not patented. Photo of Painted Lady butterfly. Always plant native perennials near butterfly bushes to support your ecosystem.

Right: Blue flowering Buzz™ Midnight Butterfly Bush, Buddleja davidii ''TOBUMIDNI' Patent Pending / PPAF, photo taken Monday, July 25, 2022

Right: Pink flowering Buzz™ Velvet Butterfly Bush, Buddleja 'Tobud0703’ PP#23,462, photo taken Monday, July 25, 2022

Lawn replacement groundcovers $7.97. Choose from:

Narrow blue eyed grass, Sisyrinchium angustifolium (Oklahoma native plant)
Carex 'Kiwi' New Zealand weeping sedge
Carex appalachica Appalachian sedge

Plant these as the edge between a new seed bed and your lawn where you have part sun or part shade.

Phantom Hydrangea, huge white flower clusters fading to pink

Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom' Sun Hydrangea

The largest ever flower clusters have strong stems for cut flowers and will hide a 6' fence when grown as a hedge. Pink tinge to the cream white flower clusters holds for dried flowers as well. $7.97 each.
Firewitch Dianthus 2022 in OKC

Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch'

I love this carnation relative called "Cheddar pinks" - each single hot-pink flower is less than 6" tall over 3" mounding silver-blue needle foliage. Snip off flowers for tiny cuts to bring inside (beautiful clove scent! Try 5 flowers in a shot glass in the bathroom) or once faded in the garden for reblooming.

Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch'

I love this carnation relative called "Cheddar pinks" - each single hot-pink flower is less than 6" tall over 3" mounding silver-blue needle foliage. Snip off flowers for tiny cuts to bring inside (beautiful clove scent! Try 5 flowers in a shot glass in the bathroom) or once faded in the garden for reblooming.

We grow our plants so we have been so busy since closing up shop this spring, potting up and propagating. Our next event plant sale won't be until the fall. This is a one-time summer flash sale because it's likely to be in the 80s after the rain. WOO!! Bring a hat in case it's not overcast when you arrive. I can't be outside all day in this heat but my plants sure can. Come early to get your pick.

$7.97 FLASH PLANT SALE: JULY 30, 2022.
113 S.E. 57th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Look for the inflatable unicorn sprinkler.

Stachys byzantina

Lambs' Ears, Stachys byzantina.

For a decade I've used this insanely resilient Mediterranean plant to start new garden beds by digging it up whenever I feel like it and dropping a shovelful in a new spot where I peeled back the grass. Then after a season, I pull back the lambs ears -- which have mostly held back the crabgrass, Bermuda grass, and rand-O seedlings -- and sow seeds or transplant into the prepared area. Mostly spread by rhizomes, expect some seedlings too.

Hosta 'Wide Brim'

Hosta Girl Summer

Y'all. The hosta I had this spring flew out of here. So they are back with wider variety trialing which love it here with me in Oklahoma City the most... By growing them outside in this extreme summer.

Hosta 'Blue Cadet'

Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'

Hosta 'August Moon'

Hosta 'June'

Hosta 'Dream Queen'

Hosta 'Stained Glass'

Hosta 'Liberty' PP12,531

Hosta 'So Sweet'

Hosta 'August Moon'
Hosta 'June'
Hosta 'Francee'

Hosta 'So Sweet' -- Hosta 'August Moon' -- Hosta 'Francee' -- Hosta 'June'

Hosta 'So Sweet' thrives here in the south or north side of the house, look at the coloring even in our intense 106 degree + heat. All four of the above Hosta photos were taken July 25, 2022 here in OKC. Hosta are perennial and come back bigger each year. Hosta do well in foundation plantings, under trees, or anywhere with shade and moisture. These are 4-8 weeks in their pots getting ready for fall.

Let these dear hearts grow on in their pots -- they've got slow release fertilizer -- this season and transplant once it's cooled off.

If you must plant in the summer, that's OK I do it too. Plant in part shade and provide cover for a few more weeks of hot hosta summer. What kind of cover? How about a laundry basket as a temporary shade until September and then you can plant strawberries and sweet potatoes in it next year!

#1 Nectar plant: Fringe tree $7.97

Fringe tree, Chionanthus virginicus

Chionanthus virginicus Fringe tree.

These native nectar trees are wonderful and the best tree to plant in a small garden to increase the available nectar for honeybees and native pollinators. "Grampy Grey Beard" fringe tree has white flower clusters, listen close to hear the buzzing of insects enjoying the blooms throughout the summer. Our treelings in #1 3-quart pots growing as single or multi-stemmed trees will be a small specimen tree for a few years before beginning to provide cooling shade to your garden. Tolerate of clay soil, so a good choice for planting in the lawn.

Thornless blackberry plants $7.97

Thornless blackberry bush growing against a wood and chain fence in a corner
Blackberry fruit from Rubus x 'Ouachita'

Ouachita Thornless Blackberry plants in my backyard

Thornless blackberry Rubus x 'Ouachita' PP#17162

Best tasting, largest berry, high sugar content, no thorns! Evan and I pick them when they fall off with a touch and mostly eat them right there in the yard. Produces right after strawberries for us here in OKC, May/June.

$7.97 each

Literally all but three of the plants Evan and I have in our backyard nursery are $7.97. Those three are nativar/hybrid Hibiscus moscheutos in 3-gallon fabric planters for $39, planted one in my landscape already it was so beautiful, and keeps pumping out new flowers. Come and buy them so I can say "EVERY THING" in the place is $7.97!

This Saturday morning only, the plants are out for sale in the front yard.

Chaste tree

We have these really cool plants, Vitex angus-castus, Purple Chaste tree:

The Oklahoma Capitol building public parking lot is full of them. Vitex look great in the landscape, adapt to most situations, and respond well to coppicing or "crepe murder". $7.97 each.

Baptisia is a plant I have been wanting for years.

If you don't already have a stand of a species baptisia, make sure you pick whether you want white or blue/purple and come to my flash plant sale on Saturday July 30, 2022 at 9:30am. $7.97 while they last.

Baptisia alba, White false indigo

Baptisia alba is native to Oklahoma and a larval host plant for Zarucco Duskywing (Erynnis zarucco) and Wild Indigo Duskywing (Erynnis baptisiae).

Baptisia australis, Wild blue false indigo, Looks like the most extreme bluebonnets. Just beautiful.

Baptisia australis is native to Oklahoma and a host plant for these butterflies: Clouded Sulfur, Eastern Tailed Blue, Frosted Elfin, Orange Sulfur, Wild Indigo Duskywing.

These aren't just an amazing flower display, they have a Puffy bean pod display from June to October.

Baptisia along with Arkansas bluestar, transplanted for me without complaint in 90 and 100 degree heat. Clay tolerant, drought tolerant, member of the pea family, don't eat it but do use puffy pods in dried floral arrangements.

Add a grapevine this year. These varieties available early:
Vitis x 'Somerset' seedless
Vitis x 'Traminette'
Vitis vinifera 'Riesling'

More perennials!!

Agastache Kudos™ Mandarin PP25,381

Agastache Kudos™ Coral PP25,613

Lavandula × intermedia Phenomenal™ 'Niko' PP24193 Lavender


Daylilies are hybrids from Hemerocallis fulva, orange lily, and have Lirope-like "sword" foliage.

Called the "Perfect Perennial" for use in unattended landscapes.

This Mini Pearl daylily flowered yesterday in its full sun spot on the south side of my house in a #1 trade gallon (3-quart) pot. The picture is beautiful but in person these are spectacular.
Mini Pearl daylily grown in full sun, flowering July 2022
Daylilies do well in sun, even the south side of the house, but have you tried them in shade, too? I grow several varieties of pink, peach, apricot, red, and yellow colored daylilies. Don't cut on these - each flower opens for only about a day, so there is frequently a new bloom every day for months. $7.97, choose from:
Hemerocallis Apricot Sparkles
Ruffled Apricot
Mini Pearl
Stella D'Oro
Buttered Popcorn
Chicago Arnie's Choice
Strutter's Ball
Pardon Me
Ruby Stella
Rosa Bellini
South Seas
Country Uncle
Hall's Pink
Left: Hemerocallis Ruby Stella in OKC, July 2022
Right: Hemerocallis Ruffled Apricot in OKC, June 2022

Daylilies are edible and carefree.

Iris domestica, Belamcanda chinensis

I LOVE to grow tall bearded iris, and this year I expanded into 3 more types of iris. I have a few of these blackberry lily (newly categorized as a species iris) available for sale this year. The Louisiana iris are held for increase. Please tell me if you know of any varieties of Louisiana iris for my rain garden!

Where is this place? It's a house. We are having a 4 hour flash sale at the backyard nursery. Put this into your maps: 113 SE 57th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73129.

Saturday July 30, 2022.

Look for the pink signs leading to the inflatable unicorn sprinkler.

Root Shrubs, 113 SE 57th Street., Oklahoma City, OK 73129.
Cash/check/card/Cashapp, thank you!