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Local grower must sell 963 perennials, shrubs, and trees this weekend in Oklahoma City

Right now is the ideal time to buy plants that you want to enjoy in your landscape for years to come. These plants are hardy and want to live here. They are fast growing and either beautiful or delicious or both. We have an excellent selection of the items listed here, all only $7.97 each, this weekend 10am-3pm. Do we have more variety? Sure do, come see. These are what look fantastic right now and are a for real deal at only $7.97 each.

Large flower of peachy beige color which is the variety Cafe au Lait dahlia
Large flower of peachy beige color which is the variety Cafe au Lait dahlia
Café au Lait Dahlias, only $7.97 each! Cafe au Lait is a spectacular decorative dahlia, huge flowers in fall and an excellent tuber producer. Dahlias are native to this continent, the national flower of Mexico, and grow much like potatoes or tomatoes in full sun. Dahlias are edible! You plant outside after last frost in May and can take off the side blooms for a bigger dinnerplate flower (like tomatoes).
Dahlia tuber clump ready to plant
Dahlia tuber clump ready to plant
Young tree with weeping brnaches and white flowers that is a Yoshino Cherry Tree
Young tree with weeping brnaches and white flowers that is a Yoshino Cherry Tree
Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree! Only $7.97 each. Excellent blooming famous specimen tree and the plants that we have right now are shocking to be priced at $7.97 each. These are staked and you need to continue to stake them to the height you desire, and deep watering every month for the first year until they are established.
MURRAY CYPRESS -- Fast growing screening tree that is also drought tolerant. These grow SO FAST -- 3 to 4 feet per year!! -- don't pay triple digits for your screening privacy hedge or windbreak. Block out that goofy neighbor and create your own private oasis outside. Don't plant under power lines because THESE TREES GET BIG, FAST! Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Murray' for full sun or a small bit of shade.
Plant them a minimum of 4-5 foot apart for a fluffy green dense privacy hedge. All my plants are $7.97. These trees right now are 10" tall in 6" containers.
Lilac, $7.97 each, also known as Old fashioned French lilac, the kind your grandmother used to have. We have two varieties, the large French lilac and the compact Korean lilac 'Miss Kim'. Just outstanding. Plant them in sun too.

You said hydrangeas, choose from Chantilly Lace, Pee Gee Grandiflora, Phantom, and Limelight, all Sun Hydrangea paniculata. The Chantilly Lace especially are well branched and beautiful. Still $7.97 until they sell out again.

You said trees, Yes, we have trees! Choose from small understory trees like White flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) prefers some shade, like Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis). Ozark witch hazel flowers early in spring also.

Murray Cypress screening trees grow 3'+ in a year. Folks plant them 5" apart for privacy. Imagine the calm of blocking out the neighbor you don't want to see anymore with beautiful fast growing trees.

Bald Cypress trees (Taxodium distichum) grows just as tall and so tough you'll see them planted in the parking lots and in low areas in the parks.

Wide Brim Hosta, sun tolerant and thick, $7.97 each. Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree. Carex appalachica sedge for part sun. I got 4 types of sedge available right now: New Zealand orange sedge Carex testacea, New Zealand hair sedge Carex comans 'Amazon Mist', and Carex 'Ice Dance' variegated Japanese sedge. Heat tolerant with some shade.

I haven't hardly got to the perennials yet. Spring sales get real busy so please do you and me both a favor and print this and circle what you want with a red or a blue pen. I might be dating myself. Does anyone still use a printer?

All Daylilies are $7.97 each. L to R here are Rosa Bellini, Buttered Popcorn, Mini Pearl, and Bumblebee. I have a lot more varieties, it's kind of a problem.

Spring sale weekends start THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY, May 5 & 6, 2023.

Where is this place? It's a house. 113 S.E. 57th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73129

All perennials $7.97 each. Each of these above are in stock and also Obedient Dragonhead Plant, Lemon Verbena, Variegated Thyme, Culinary Sage

Punky Bee Balm is drought tolerant for your pollinator garden. Plant with Argentina Skies anise sage, cannas, yarrow and red hot pokers.

Firewitch Dianthus opened first week of April this year! Cutting on it helps it bloom even more. These pinks are completely tough, increasing in size each year. See below, planted with lamb's ear, paperwhites, yarrow, lyre-leaf sage, echinacea. (And cranesbill, dead nettle and forsythia starts)

All perennials $7.97 each. We grow plants that are going to survive the summer and survive the winter both.

Dianthus includes carnations, cheddar pinks like these, and annuals. These are perennials that come back bigger every year, come and see.

Dianthus Scent First Romance

Dianthus Constant Beauty White

Dianthus Scent First Sugar Plum

Dianthus Rockin' Red

Dianthus Firewitch

All perennials $7.97 each.

ChipDrop achieved...

There are so many different plants here, I can't list them all but let me try some more.

Nice sized shrubs

Fothergilla x Mt Airy Witch Alder only 1'-3' feet! Fall color, early spring bottle brush flowers.

Ozark Witch Hazel, mine is right next to that Autumn Rose iris in bloom. Here's what the flowers look like.

Not a shrub but pops up tall for a screen after harvest:
Asparagus officinalis 'Jersey Giant'

Snowball viburnum, a real old fashioned snowball bush, a shrub as long as you want to shape it, then limb it up and let it be a small tree.

Honeybells Buttonbush, another one that starts out as a shrub and grows into a tree, this "straight native species" is covered in clusters of round flowers (buttonballs!) and will shortly be covered in bees as it has the most flowers per square inch. Grows to 3' - 6' as a mounding shrub, but once it's that big you'll probably want to trim it into a 6' - 10' small tree with few trunks .

Ozark witch hazel
Ozark witch hazel
All perennials $7.97 each.

Okay we do actually have a handful of larger plants, lavender polyantha roses, these are easy flowering "antique roses" that are only about a foot and a half high and wide and are easy to place just about anywhere. I would prefer to plant them but I haven't yet so they are $19 each. Also "Butterscotch Baby (TM)" Spirea japonica lovely caramel colored year round interest shrubs that I'd like to plant or you can have for $19.

Everything else is $7.97!

Black Locust

'Dark Towers' Penstemon

'Dakota Burgundy' Penstemon

'Melting Fire' Heuchera

'Carnival TM Watermelon' Heuchera

'Carnival TM Rose Granita' Heuchera

All Gold Melissa officinalis Citronella Balm


Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus coneflower


Where is this place? It's a house. Put this in your maps: Root Shrubs, 113 S.E. 57th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Just one more thing. The 2013 camper trailer is for sale and won't be available long. Great working condition, $16,000 with battery bank and solar panels.

We work hard to offer the best plants we can for the price that grow well here in our area. If you have some plant containers around, I'd really appreciate you bringing them when you come to the huge plant sale, so I can reuse the single use plastic.

THIS FRIDAY - SATURDAY, May 5 & 6, 2023. 10am - 3pm

Okay okay you got me, everything isn't $7.97. Y'all asked so now we have HEIRLOOM TOMATO plants and Pink Milkweed just $2.97, that's a CRAZY PRICE!

White Cherry
Rutgers Red
Black Prince
Italian Grape
Golden Sunray
Vintage Wine

Asclepias incarnata pink milkweed

Vase shaped Rose of Sharon is good for flowers in August in full blistering sun. I have at least three Rose of Sharon sterile double cultivars around here. Lucy, Morning Star, and I don’t remember the other one. Know why? Because I just forget things. They are really nice for sun or even part shade and bloom for months.

Willows -- Dappled, twisted, corkscrew, weeping, and Irette basket willow. See the way the sway in the wind, use the branches for basketry (weeping, Irette are best for this but any will work)

Pussy willow, Scarlet Curls sold out for now.

A lot of the plants we grow here are either great for nectar or pollen, or are great for cut flowers. Above are peony and hydrangea. Below, do you know these flowers? (answers below)

Pink: Thornless blackberry. Cream: Okra. White: Magnolia.

Do we have other plants? Oh yes we sure do! But I am not going to list them all here.

Would you like to know exactly what we have? Get in the car and come see. Some times the Facebook Message thing works but not in May, it's just TOO busy here!

Don’t call me, don’t message me, I can't see the phone in the sunlight, just come and see.

HUGE PLANT SALE $7.97 - THIS FRIDAY & SATURDAY - May 5 & 6, 2023. 10am - 3pm

Here's the part where I have to explain that I don't use my phone. Is that too crazy? It doesn't work with my life especially in spring. I know, I know, that's not how Facebook pages works, but in my world my response time is in-person. This is a family business and family comes first.

So what do you do? What are you waiting for? Get in the car and grab mama, she wants some plants too, and come and see. It's a house. Put this in your maps: Root Shrubs, 113 S.E. 57th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73129.

HUGE $7.97 PLANT SALE! 10am - 3pm THIS WEEKEND! FRI-SAT only May 5 & 6, 2023.

113 S.E. 57th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73129. Cash or card, Paypal or cashapp.